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Fall 2019


Summer 2019: Moving!!

Spring 2019

Winter 2019

Fall 2018


Spring 2018


Winter 2018


Fall 2017


Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Practicing CPR during Life Skills class Christmas with Rumba! One of our seniors earned elective credit and discovered a career as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer

Fall 2016

A field trip on a farm gave students some hands-on experience with animals and chores Students enjoy playing wall ball during breaks

Spring 2016

Snow!! Happy students! Graduation is the most rewarding day of the year!

Winter 2016

Our therapy dog is popular with students, staff, and volunteers alike! Rock wall climbing at the Museum of Nature and Science Hands-on science activities are always a favorite way to learn!

Fall 2015

Many thanks to Home Depot staff, who volunteered to prep and paint our classroom and hallway! Our annual first-day Progressive Breakfast allows students a chance to connect before starting schoolwork Principal Connie Nourse connects with students over a game of Operation

Spring 2015

One display in a "mini-museum" created during a study of the 1950's Students made rockets and tested them at a local park Graduate Nadia Roge receives her diploma

Winter 2015

Showing off a creation from welding class hands-on science lab Students serve guests at our Subway fundraiser

Fall 2014

Annual progressive breakfast at teachers' homes--first day of school Exploring the Maya exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science Shamu--the school mascot

Spring 2014

 Finance Park dinner--student servers Our first two graduates!!

Winter 2014

Art Teacher Tammy Kerr and Principal Connie Nourse show off Crossroads student artwork on display at Ziggi's Coffee House in Longmont Trying an experiment on a field trip to the "Mythbusters" exhibit at the Museum of Nature & Science

Fall 2013

Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Winter 2013

Fall 2012

Hands-on science lab Trying out ancient Chinese characters in World History class Edible maps make learning geography tasty!

Spring 2012

A game of Risk complements the study of World War II

Winter 2012

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Winter 2011

Fall 2010

August 2010–Grand Opening Celebration