About Us

Crossroads is a school with a unique vision for the Longmont, Colorado area. Crossroads  opened its doors in August of 2010 with a desire to reach middle and high school students who have struggled in a traditional school or who find that a traditional school doesn’t meet their needs.

The Need
High school dropouts in Colorado cost society an estimated $563,000 over a lifetime in public subsidies or income support. Many expelled students are too young to enter the work force and therefore “fall through the cracks” and become involved in disparaging behaviors. Research shows that 50% of these youths will end up incarcerated within a year’s time. In addition, in the current global economy, a college degree is a prerequisite for a well-paying job. Thus, the costs of dropping out of high school today are significant, especially for young men and working parents, who find it almost impossible to earn an adequate income to take care of themselves and their families. Crossroads brings hope for a better future for these at-risk teens.

The Mission

The mission of Crossroads School is to assist students who have experienced academic and/or behavioral struggles in traditional schools to reach their potential through an individually distinctive, learner-appropriate program. Crossroads is committed to offering an environment that provides for growth and responsibility by creating individualized strategies for every student.

Crossroads has a plan to reshape the future of at-risk teens:  to offer an alternative source for solid education,  to offer a second and sometimes third chance to students who need that extra support,  to provide an educational experience that gives students the foundational tools for a successful future.

For More Information. . .

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Answers to all of your questions, as well as legal and financial items such as governing documents, annual 990 filings, annual budgets, board policies, and more are available to the public by contacting Barb Bulthuis, Founder and Executive Director (bbulthuis@crossroadslongmont.org; 303-709-9881). She will be more than happy to talk with you!