Thanks for your interest in Crossroads School, a faith-based, alternative school for middle and high school students in Longmont, Colorado. We started school with our first class of four middle school students in the fall of 2010 and ended the first year with eight. Since then, we have grown to 6th-12th grades, and this year we have 34 students (and a wait list) and have graduated 14 students over the past four years. Please consider donating or getting involved to make a difference in the lives of struggling students.


Get a glimpse of Crossroads! Check out these videos to see the kids and even hear a few of their insights:

Hilarious Student Christmas Program rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

School Video–Spring 2016

Independence Institute “Freedom Minute” TV Commercial featuring Crossroads

School Overview

School Video–Spring 2015

School Video–Spring 2014

Giving Spark Award: Crossroads Teaching Principal won the annual award in 2014, based on this nomination video.

School Video–Spring 2013

Student Interviews–Spring 2012

Crossroads School on CNN!! School Administrator Barb Bulthuis was interviewed for Comcast Newsmakers, a regular feature on CNN News–check out a recording of the interview here!

Crossroads Connection: Read our periodic newsletter

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